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Creating Your Vision Board



Blueprinting is an exercise which will help you produce a useful gameplan or “blueprint” for your life. This blueprint will help tie your dreams to concrete actions for achieving them. The goal of blueprintomg is to lay out an overview of your life’s direction.  Blueprinting  covers the main points you need for direction and focus, yet makes it simple enough to 1) force prioritization and clarity, and 2) be easily held in the forefront of your consciousness.


Your Vision Board is a visual representation that takes the work you completed in the Blueprinting process and gives you a tangibile vision or creation of what you want your life to represent.  By reviewing your Vision Board daily and holding it in the forefront of your mind, it will guide your subconscious in how to make subconscious decisions that will assist you in the direction you want to go. Clarity of your vision will help keep the subconscious on track, rather than getting lost in complexity, vagueness, ambiguity, or conflicting agendas. 

To see a completed sample vision board click here.


The following are the steps to take in order to walk yourself through the Blueprinting process and to producing your own customized Vision Board.  Before you begin this activity get a pen and paper so that you will be prepared to make notes and record information that you will need to complete the process.

When you have walked through the Blueprinting process, use the order form on the right side of this page to submit your information to Jennifer.  Jennifer will use the information that you submit to create a URL for you that will contain your vision board.  Your URL and vision board will be specific to you. We do not list vision board URL’s in our site menu without direct permission of their creators.  If you would like to share your vision board in our Vision Gallery you are more than welcome to do so however this is not required and your URL will not be listed there without your express requieest or permission.  You may share your own URL with anyone, if you wish to share it,  whom you would like by simply giving them the URL.

If for any reason you have trouble completing the Vision Board Order form on the right side of this page, you may submit your information via email to Jennifer at


The Blueprinting process takes a good amount of time if you want to walk through it with any depth.  We suggest you clear a morning or an afternoon or a full evening to be alone and to work through this process. Some people work on the blueprinting activity for several sessions before they complete everything they want to process. Others move much faster.  Give yourself the time you need.

Click on the  Blueprinting Worksheet II to download a helpful wordfile that will help your organize your notes and store the URL’s you will need as you walk through this process.  (If the Blueprinting worksheet will not open in your browser please email Jennifer at and she will send you a copy via email).


Follow this link and complete the Values Inventory Worksheet

Using the Values Inventory worksheet as a guide, write down the 3 most important values to you (these are “The Big Three”).

a) Write a name/title for each of those values using a maximum combination of 22 letters and/or numbers
b) Select 3 image URL’s  from Gallery A that best visually represent for you, those values
c) Write down the name/title for each value and the corresponding URL for each image you chose.

2) Then write down the next 5 most important values to you (these are “The Supporting Five”)
a) Write a name/title for each of those values using a maximum combination of 22 letters and/or numbers
b) Select 5 images from Gallery A (1 for each value) that best visually each of those values  for you, one for each value.
c) Write down the name/title for each of the 5 values you chose and the corresponding URL for each image you chose.


Using your values that you just established, complete the Determining Your Life’s Purpose worksheet.  Use what you’ve determined as your life’s purpose as a guide, and do the following:

A) Select an image from our image bank in Gallery A that best symbolizes your life’s purpose. The image you select for this is very important. This one image will symbolize in your mind the purpose and direction for your life, so choose it carefully.

In selecting this picture, it is important to select one that displays something that is: 1) concrete, 2) specific, and 3) can be definitely determined whether it has been achieved or not. For example if your life’s purpose is to be a good writer, selecting an image of a person writing is too vague. On the other hand a picture of the New York Times bestseller list would be much more useful. It depicts a specific achievement (being listed on the New York Times bestseller list) that is concrete, specific and it can be determined whether you have achieved it or not. Write down the URL for the Life Purpose image that you select.

B) Write down a summarization or title for your life’s purpose, using a maximum combination of 100 letters and/or numbers.


Choose 5 significant goals you want to achieve, that will take you in the direction of fulfilling your life’s purpose. Each goal should be concrete, specific, able to be determined whether it has been achieved or not, and have a target date for it’s completion. So an example might be “Publish a fiction novel by December of 2018.” Write them down in the Goals section of your Vision Blueprint.


Choose up to 7 tasks that you need to complete each day or week on a regular basis, that will ensure you are moving strongly in the direction of achieving your life’s purpose and goals. An example might be “Write 5 pages on my novel each day.” Write them in the On Track Daily Tasks section of the My Blueprint Order Form.


Select a background image from our backgrounds image bank in Gallery B.  Chose the image that you would like to use for the background of your Blueprint page. Write the name of the image on your Blueprint Order Form.  The background images are pre-edited to work with the layout of Vision Board Pages.  They are already titled so you do not need provide a URL as you did with the other images you are using. Simply provide the name of the image (this image title will not appeare on your Vision Board but the Image will be placed in the background.


Email your completed Blueprinting Worksheet  to Jennifer at: . Once it has been set up she will email you a link to your own customized vision board that was created from your blueprint.

If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours stating that we have received your vision board please email Jennifer at : .





Jennifer will be in communication to work with you on finalizing your vision page.  When it is finished you will receive a personal link that you can use to review your page. You may also share that link with others if you so chose or display your page in our Vision Board Gallery.  You will control how the link is used.

We suggest that you review your Vision page daily to help keep your mind and actions focused and on track in taking you where you want to go. Take the time to contemplate each element, cementing their value and your commitment to them in your mind.

If, at any point, you decide you need to revise a component of your vision page please get in touch with Jennifer at .

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