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The Seven Levels of Consciousness


Human consciousness is a spectrum, like light.  If you run light through a prism you can then see bands of different colors: red, orange, green, blue, etc.  Consciousness can be looked at the same way.  We’ve all heard the expression “Looking through rose colored glasses.”  The saying illustrates the principle that the “glasses”, or way of looking at the world, colors everything which is viewed through those lenses.  Each of the different levels of consciousness is like a different colored pair of glasses.  The world will look different through each pair.  So if one person views the world from the second level of consciousness, it will look very differently than it will to someone who is viewing the world through the fifth level of consciousness.  In the following whitepaper,  John Smotherman describes the 7 Levels of Consciousness.  A more thorough treatment of them is found in chapter 11 of the  The Consciousness Paradigm. For a brief summary of the 7 Levels check out the following infographic.

7 Levels of Consciousness Infographic by John Smotherman

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