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Smotherman large framedJohn Smotherman is the author of The Consciousness Paradigm, a book that encapsulates 3,000 years of human wisdom about consciousness and its evolution within all individuals, and amongst humanity as a whole. In the book he distills the essence of our understanding and provides simple, practical methods of raising consciousness in order to obtain the benefits of higher states of consciousness. John speaks and conducts workshops on consciousness and how to apply its benefits in our lives.

Perhaps you have attended one of John’s lectures and wish to study some resources at home. Maybe you are reading his book or participating in one of the Consciousness Paradigm discussion groups or perhaps you have simply stumbled upon this website and are wanting to know more.

This pages that appear under the heading Resources in the menu bar provide an ongoing mini-library of resources that are connected directly to The Consciousness Paradigm and the activities and events associated with our online communities: Willow Grove Monastery and Earthwide Village.

The information here is designed to be a resource for you to help you understand consciousness and share it with others. You are free to post and pin and share the information you find here we ask simply that you give credit to the site and make sure your posts link back directly to us.   Most of our images and graphics are already coded with a direct URL however if you are in doubt or need to attribute the information to us pleas use the the site address .

If you have questions about how to use this information you may contact John directly: 214-287-3904 or contact to his publicist, Jennifer Ramsey,  432-235-2657.


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