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The Consciousness Paradigm

A Practical Approach to Consciousness by John Smotherman
“Consciousness is evolving, and we are evolving with it. Today we are at the beginning of an evolutionalry step forward for consciousness, a revolution of sorts.”~John Smotherman
Making his contribution to the world, author John Smotherman shares with you the greatest discovery of his life: raising consciousness is the most powerful fulcrum for increasing personal happiness and leveraging the world into a better place for everyone. The consciousness of the world at large holds the greatest hope and potential boon to people who live in the most desperate of circumstances. We have the means to alleviate extreme poverty and the desperation and ills associated with it, if we can muster the will. Empathy for others is the doorway through which love enters our lives. Learning to truly empathize with all of humanity is one of the most fulfilling things we can do: it gives life a gravity of meaning and purpose that fulfills us at levels the ego cannot reach. Shifting paradigms to view the world differently-as one collective human consciousness-could drastically improve the kind of Earth our children, and our children’s children, will inherit.

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The author has a gift for explaining a very complex and nebulous topic in this easy to read book. He synthesizes different theories of consciousness in a way that a Christian or an Atheist could both identify with. After he educates readers about the 7 levels of consciousness, he presents very practical ways that the reader can raise their own consciousness. I participated in a book study as I read this book. The questions at the end of each chapter were helpful and thought provoking. We had lively conversations as a result. After reading this book, I feel empower and motivated to try his meditation and start focussing on using the indices to improve myself.~Cindy Hondred

Consciousness is a tough topic for many people to wrap their minds around. John Smotherman simplifies the topic by making it both approachable and accessible. I have read this book about three times now.  I have found that as I learn to put the principles that this book offers into place I actually attain very practical goals. It has helped me find ways to integrate spirituality into daily areas of my life from physical fitness to relationships. It has opened my eyes to the world around me giving me a solid perspective on how others function while also fostering a deeper sense of empathy for others. I highly recommend this book as a primer to anyone interested in the field of raising consciousness.~Jenna Wright

The Consciousness Paradigm can be summed in one word: practicality. Smotherman goes to lengths to make paradigms and consciousness accessible for the average person, including identifying one’s own paradigms and looking at others’ paradigms. He discusses how consciousness relates to this, and the benefits of raising one’s consciousness. Smotherman pragmatically and scientifically defines consciousness, suggests specific measurements for consciousness and ways to raise one’s consciousness. One receives as much benefit from reading and applying the principles in The Consciousness Paradigm as one is willing to put forth time, effort and reflection.~Jackson Patrick

This is an excellent book to help people with the changes they need to make to make life more valuable than it has ever been before. Written by a man who wants to help humanity, it is filled with the information you need to raise your level of consciousness and to help you understand the connection between all things.~W.F.


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