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How much higher can you fly?! How deep can you go? It is a fun learning process. Transforming universal knowledge into simple conception. Thank you John!  ~Zulila McKinley, Event Organizer

A Sampling of John’s Keynote Topics

The Chimp Talk~Transcending the Ego
Building Bridges ~ Strengthening Relationships and Community
Conscious Leadership Business ~ The New Market
Playing it Smart~Conscious Relationships and Dating
Conscious Creativity ~ Tapping into Our Inner Innovator
Conscious Government ~ Leading Our Leaders
Peak Performance ~ Maximizing Our Potential
Integral Consciousness ~ The Quantam Leap
The 7 Levels of Consciousness
Raising Consciousness ~The Master Key to Personal Empowerment
Determining Your Life’s Purpose 

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 John Smotherman~Author, Speaker Consciousness Coach

John Smotherman is a sought after speaker by business organizations, leadership institutes, colleges/universities and faith based organizations.  He is uniquely able to approach the topic of consciousness with a focus on practicality that makes the topic approachable to wide audience.  His focus is uniquely pragmatic and his humorous style, practical applications and solid content create for a very enjoyable and educational audience experience.

Whether you are looking for a keynote address, a lunch and learn, a seminar or a workshop John has a variety of topics that can be adapted to target your specific event and audience.   As an experienced courtroom litigator and college instructor he knows how to read and fully engage an audience.

Click on the PLAY button below for a full length audio sample of one of John’s keynote lectures:

After reading John’s book and chatting over the phone with him, it was quite apparent that the quality of John’s presentation was such that he had to be included on our summer agenda! I personally attended and can attest to the fact that the information and the lively discussion that we experienced was most useful, practical and beneficial. Our participants enjoyed not only the class, but John himself. He presented this valuable information in progressively more complex “bites” each week. Participants were sorry to come to the end of the series. Raising Consciousness, Improving Life, has something to meet everyone’s level of study. I highly recommend inviting John Smotherman to speak at your event. ~Laura Sutherland, Events Coordinator, Unity-Dallas

They (the other IONS chapters) told us you were great so we had to have you speak to us, but your presentation was even better than we expected! ~Gloria Hill,  Coordinator Institute of Noetic Sciences, Austin TX

Using Consciousness to Create the Life We Want

IONS, Austin TX | July 2012|Full Lecture

Great information and good ideas for practice that will make a difference! ~Shannon Looper, Organizer, What the Bleep Meetup, Dallas-Fort Worth

This was a very beneficial learning experience about how to bring out the best parts of yourself in everyday life and how to bring the higher self closer to the everyday self.  Putting theory into practice is important,as otherwise there is a disconnect between the two.  ~P.T.

I found it to be a very valuable exploration into living at a higher lever of consciousness.  It is extremely useful to be able to assess where my own weaknesses occur and have a plan to address these gaps.  How incredibly unique to be able to apply SMART goals to such a conceptual topic!  ~Lara Hanson, Communications Chair, Understanding Men Dallas

Transcending the Ego ~ “The Chimp Talk”

Speech Sample: Conscious Leadership Luncheon| Dallas TX-April 2014

Extremely well prepared and excellent presentation! John took an abstract subject and made it very transparent and understandable through an intelligent use of symbolism and a touch of humor. ~Lou

John gave us some very useful and practical tools to rewire ourselves, so we respond to life from higher levels of consciousness.  ~Desiree

 John has presented lectures, seminars and workshops for a number of organizations.   A partial list of them follows:


Rockwell Collins International


Harmony Fellowship, Ft. Worth

Tarrant County College


Unity Church of Dallas

State Bar of Texas - Family Law Course

Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland


Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness-Austin

Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington

Well it was magical to say the least! John gave a masterful presentation that would have anyone understand the concepts of creating your reality. He made it fun, easy, totally accessible and memorable. Not an easy task given the material! ~L.H.

John did an awesome job explaining and presenting a complicated subject in a very fun way! ~M.L.

Consciousness:  The Convergence of Science and Spirituality

IONS-Austin, TX |July 2012|Full Lecture


Incredibly insightful…has triggered many thoughts and will no doubt trigger many more.  ~Vaughan Wynne-Jones, Organizer, The Rhythm of Life

This was one of the most well thought out, well planned talks I have attended. John has amazing insight and is a wonderful public speaker. ~Sharyn

It was very helpful to me and I learned a lot.~Darlene McPeek

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