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Our Vision

Our aspirational vision is to alleviate war, mass poverty, bigotry, economic deprivation, social injustice, fear induced hostility, involuntary isolation, unnecessary personal pain, and to provide the best experience of life possible for every individual.

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These goals are incredibly ambitious. Yet humanity is clearly moving in that direction. The sages and visionaries throughout human history have told us this is the inevitable road down which we are headed. As humanity raises its consciousness, the drivers behind war, genocide, bigotry, economic and social predation, and xenophobic persecution are all receding. Slavery is a great example. While it was once a common practice across the globe, it is now a virtually universally outlawed practice. We have succeeded there, why not in the other areas as well? Raising consciousness has been shown to significantly reduce fear, increase our perceived bond with all other people, and dramatically improve our personal experience of life. It is the most promising train for taking us to our desired destination.

While our aspirational vision is unlikely to be completely achieved in our lifetime, we can make a real and significant contribution towards those ends. The arc of time and history are in our favor. Jeffrey Sachs, a renowned economist and author of The End Of Poverty, writes that for the first time in human history, we actually have the resources and economic means to end mass poverty, if we could harness the collective will to do it.

Spiral Dynamics tells us that human consciousness has been on the rise throughout human history, and as a planet, we are at the highest level of mass consciousness we have ever been. It also tells us that the trend in human consciousness globally, is clearly upwards.

The tide is in our favor, and we are committed to the work of ushering in the new age. If our vision resonates with you, please join us in whatever capacity you can! Whether it is working to raise your own consciousness, spreading the word about the consciousness movement, or contributing your time, talents, and efforts to help us advance the cause, we need you!

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