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My Quest Vision

The purpose of my life is to discover the intimate connection between body, soul and spirit and to empower myself and others to give voice to the Love as it manifests on the Earth.


Values -The Big Three



Creative Expression

Spiritual Transformation



Values -The Supporting Five






Wholeness and Healing



Goal One:  Inegrate my body with my soul

Goal Two:  Bring myself to health physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Goal Three:  Nurture my relationship with my kids.

Goal Four:   Create an appealing and peaceful home and garden.

Goal Five:  Discover and use my voice in creative expression.

Daily On -Track Tasks


On Track Task One:  Follow assigned coaching practices

On Track Task Two:  30X4 Thirty minutes each per day of yoga, meditation, cardio and journaling

On Track Task Three:  2 Hours a day in direct interaction with my kids

On Track Task Four: Date myself once per week

On Track Task Five:   Work on house/garden for 2 hours a day