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In A Nutshell:

We’re training people to save the world and make their own lives more fruitful in the process.

We’re starting a movement through which we intend to eliminate mass poverty, starvation, and war across the globe.  This movement is built upon the evolution of each person involved.  The course and quality of a person’s life are determined by their soul.  We strengthen the body, mind and soul connection so people can realize their full potential.  When a person lives at their full potential, they are both more able, and more inclined, to positively impact the world.  Thus we get an escalating feedback loop where we all benefit from each other’s successes.

Our group meets live on the first weekend of every month in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex with others who join us from afar by Skype and other Internet tools.  We call ourselves the Conscious Collective.

An Overview Of The Conscious Collective:

Life can be punishing.  One billion people lack adequate housing. Half the world’s children live in poverty.  A human life is extinguished every 5 seconds by war, starvation, or a vaccine preventable disease.  Almost 100 people die each day from suicide because they could not manage the demands of modern life.  And it’s getting worse.  It’s estimated that by 2030 suicide will overtake cancer, strokes, and accidents as a leading cause of death.

Something has to be done to address these problems now.  But there are no leaders strong enough to tackle them.  The only ones with enough power to tackle them is we the people.  For the first time in history, humanity has the collective resources to eliminate poverty, wipe out starvation and relieve desperations that erupt into war.  But real solutions are going to have to come from a massive movement of we the people.  That movement has to start somewhere and that’s where the Conscious Collective comes in.  We’re saying that all the necessary pieces for such a moment are now in place.  With the internet we have the ability to organize and spread a global movement like never before.  There is a smaller percentage of the world living in survival mode than at any time in human history.  So there is a larger percentage than ever with the freedom to evolve consciously.  With conscious evolution comes a realization of what love truly is.  When real love takes hold, we can’t help but look at the disadvantaged and ask “What if that was me?”  The tide is also with us as more people are reaching higher levels of consciousness faster than ever before.  We have procured the best tools yet for rapidly raising consciousness and accelerating the proliferation of love.

So as we see it, the stage is set.  We’re striking a match to set the world on fire and unleash the power of we the people in the name of love.  How exactly are we striking this match?  The Conscious Collective is a social-philosophical group that was formed in 2007.  Our members come from a wide diversity of backgrounds in careers, religious views, and personal interests.  The group was formed with the express purpose of exploring consciousness as a means for improving life for all people.

The group’s first major undertaking was to develop a “universal language” for discussing spiritual and metaphysical principles and their practical application for improving life.  The goal was to facilitate effective and constructive communication between all the diverse religious and philosophical schools of thought.  Through the refining process of hundreds of deep and frank group discussions about spiritual and metaphysical topics, the group successfully produced a usable “universal language.”  This “language” was produced by stripping away words, assumptions, beliefs, and analogies that were historically, culturally, or emotionally loaded and tended to trigger breakdowns in communication.  The “universal language” that resulted from the process, was offensive to none, and intuitively understood by all.  By utilizing this “neutral” language, the group found that Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Daoists, Pagans, Wiccans, Atheists, and Agnostics were able to share their own, deep, spiritual and metaphysical experiences and insights with each other in a way where all benefitted.  Common ground emerged where there was previously believed to be none.  Through such open and heart-felt discussions, the group discussed pearls of wisdom about life.  The best of what worked for improving life was gleaned from every corner of human wisdom.  All of these were then coalesced and integrated with each other.  The “universal language” used by the group in the process, was codified through the writing of The Consciousness Paradigm.  The Consciousness Paradigm also lays out a road map and specific tools for the examination and evolution of consciousness.  Many recognize this evolution as spiritual growth.

The second major undertaking was to put the distilled principles encapsulated in The Consciousness Paradigm to the test in members’ lives to see, if in fact, they proved effective in actual practice.  The principles that were tested had been culled from all corners of religious and philosophical wisdom throughout the history of mankind, but they had never been combined before into a cohesive, intentional, system.  It was this system itself that was put to the test.  Members of the group experienced a remarkable number of successes at improving their experiences of life and their ability to successfully interact with it.  Some examples of member successes are:  1) greater enthusiasm for life;  2) overcoming depression;   3) deeper experiences of love;  4)  navigating divorce in a non-hostile and compassionate way that insulated the children from any negative repercussions;  5) accelerated spiritual growth;  6) overcoming P.T.S.D.;  7) increased wisdom;  8) elimination of anger;  9) dramatic decreases in anxiety;  10) forging better and stronger relationships;  11)  greater self-control;  12) a more profound sense of peace;  13) healing of poor self-esteem;  14) markedly increased communication skills;  15) greater compassion for others;  16) transcendence of the ego;  17) greater personal success;  18) elimination of life-long incessantly recurring nightmares; and  19) an awakening that many refer to as enlightenment.

The third phase, in which the group is presently engaged, is the development of a social culture which provides a loving and supportive community for its members, and which also advances the usage of  1) the universal language as a frictionless medium of exchange of ideas and experiences, and  2) the intentional training of consciousness, in order to improve individual lives and society as well.  The goal of building a community which embodies such a social culture is to pioneer a blueprint for how it can be accomplished. Once that blueprint is stabilized and proven to be both socially enjoyable, and effective at enhancing people’s lives, it can be replicated in multiple small communities, independent of geography.  Through a proliferation and growth of such communities, a larger and larger influence can be garnered, and a greater contribution can be made to the world.  The ultimate goal of the Conscious Collective is to improve people’s lives across the globe and to free and empower them to contribute in love to the betterment of humanity.


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