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Below you will find some background images that you may chose from for your vision board.  These images are adapted from the Pixabay image galleries used for the rest of your vision board but they are enhanced to provide a soothing backdrop for your vision.  In this case you simply need to note the name of the image you select as these are already being stored in our internal database.   All of the images provided by this server are offered under a creative commons license and are donated for use free of any royalties or attribution requirements.

We do ask that you select from the images we have made available here as our volunteers do not have time to offer customization. We do continue to adapt this site and add images on a regular basis. Overtime we will make selected additions to this page as we do you may always send in a request to have your page updated to Jennifer  by emailing her at .

When you make your selection CLICK HERE to return to the Vision Board /Blueprinting page.

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