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Meet John Smotherman

Author of The Consciousness Paradigm

cropped signing framedJohn Smotherman is the author of The Consciousness Paradigm, a book that encapsulates 3,000 years of human wisdom about consciousness and its evolution within all individuals, and amongst humanity as a whole. In the book he distills the essence of our understanding and provides simple, practical methods of raising consciousness in order to obtain the benefits of higher states of consciousness. John speaks and conducts workshops on consciousness and how to apply its benefits in our lives.

John has over 13 years of experience from his time as practicing attorney in the area of family law. Family law provides a unique window into all the challenges of, and things that can go wrong in, relationships. It is also an excellent venue for observing the interaction of individual consciousness with the collective consciousness of the state as manifested through its laws. John has served as a mediator in family law disputes, helping parties in conflict find common ground.

He has served as an Adjunct Professor Of Government at Tarrant County College, covering the principles of governance in the United States which have emerged through the interaction of individuals and the collective consciousness of the nation. John has served as a youth minister at Meridian United Methodist church. And, he has served as a Visiting Judge in Dallas county, Texas.

John’s life-long mission has been to contribute to making the world a better place for everyone through understanding and elevating our consciousness, both individually and collectively. No other endeavor offers so much potential for improving our lives and the world.

If you are interested in learning more about John, his journey into studying consciousness and his approach to the work he does you may find the following interview interesting.

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Publicist:  Jennifer Ramsey  432-235-2657

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