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Consciousness: An Inward Journey

Willow Grove Monastery

A very important aspect of consciousness is our self-awareness. Deeper self-awareness and understanding help us hold a clearer picture of who we are and how we want to live our lives. In the personal context, coherence is about how in harmony our thoughts, beliefs and actions are.

mindfulness-meditation-forestThe more coherent we are, the more personally empowered we are. Internal conflicts in beliefs and attitudes can be hard to ferret out, yet they can sap our strength, resolve, energy, and happiness as parts of ourselves push against each other. Without consciousness work, people’s minds- particularly their subconscious- is typically filled with contradictions and conflicts, as different layers of ourselves pursue different agendas that are often in conflict with each other. A classic example is how the heart and the head will often come to different conclusions about the course of action we should pursue. Until that conflict is resolved, we typically experience a diminished sense of peace. But if we can find a way to achieve harmony between them, then coherence results and we move forward with the fullness of our being behind our chosen path.

Developing self-awareness requires quiet reflection where we can reach and realize the deeper layers of ourselves, and bring them to the surface for examination and refinement. By expanding our consciousness, deepening our awareness, and continually harmonizing deeper and deeper layers of ourselves, we achieve greater and greater coherence. That increased coherence increases our capacity to experience peace, joy and love. If you would like to learn more about consciousness as an inward journey, please follow this link to our sister site, Willow Grove Monastery.


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