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The Path of Transformation

A Journey in Raising Your Consciousness

“The Path of Transformation focuses on changing the inner landscape. Instead of climbing to the peak of a giant mountain of needs, we flatten the mountain and bring the peak down to us.” ~John Smotherman

man-199628Raising consciousness is definitely a journey of transformation. Who we “are” often morphs and evolves as we uncover progressively deeper and more complex layers of ourselves. As our consciousness elevates and expands, our fears and vulnerabilities diminish. Our insight and creativity increases, as does our ability to experience peace, love and joy. Also, in ways, we transform our entire world as well. As consciousness evolves, it changes the “glasses” through which it views reality. As a result, the entire world can look very differently to us when we view it from different levels of consciousness. As consciousness is elevated, our scope of consideration and sense of community expands. Simplistically speaking the journey of raising consciousness has an inner component as we grow more self aware. And a community component as our ability to relate and our sense of community grows. For more information we offer in an effort to support the inner journey, please visit our sister site Willow Grove Monastery. For more information on our neweseet project to build a conscious community, please visit Earthwide Village.

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