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Free of Cage by Alice Popkorn  Used with Permission  Creative Commons License

Free of Cage by Alice Popkorn Used with Permission Creative Commons License

Raising consciousness is a new concept to many people. And for many the real question when they first encounter it is: “How is it relevant to me?” There are almost countless ways in which raising consciousness benefits us. But I will address three specifically. Research has shown that raising consciousness has the effect of reducing fear and increasing peace of mind. This transformation of mind opens people up to experience love at a profoundly deep level. I will cite here just one example of how this can play out. One student I have coached described her transformation thusly:

“I am no longer afraid of losing relationships, particularly my relationship with God. I am no longer seeing steps backwards as indicators that I may be facing a lake of fire for my eternal destiny. Instead I have found ways to experience oneness with my Creator and feel the inescapable grasp of unconditional love in the midst of what before would have felt like very low moments. The experience of losing fear for me was at first unsettling. In fact, much of the steps backwards have been made in an attempt to adjust to the serene reality that settles in when the intensity of negative motivations and emotions wane. At first I have had to learn not to fight that reality off, but to sit and dwell in the silence of it. In the silence, I have found that I have encountered an eternal unconditional force of love, and it changes everything.”

If you would like to read Jennifer’s full account of her journey in raising consciousness, you can find it here:  It is titled On Body Image, Faith And Spirituality.

This is just one example of how raising consciousness can profoundly change how we experience life. There are countless other examples. But they all share a common outcome. Raising consciousness improves our quality of life.