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man-390587_640In my exploits in consciousness work I have not infrequently encountered a phenomenon where energetically sensitive people pick up on other people’s energy or emotions and feel them as if they are their own.  People who have this trait are often referred to as empaths.  This phenomenon is most pronounced when those energies or emotions are negative.  I have met a number of people who regularly experienced negative emotions or feelings for no apparent reason.  Believing the origin was within themselves, these people often struggled with significant undertones of unpleasantness in life.  Many just resigned themselves to being unhappy or depressed.

However, a good number of these people have been helped tremendously when they learned what an empath was, and realized they were one.  When they realized that the vast majority of the negative feelings they feel are not their own, it is tremendously freeing.   With that awareness comes the ability to control those negative things.  Typically 70% to 90% of the negative feelings an empath experiences, can be tuned out /turned off, much like turning down an annoying radio station.

There are specific techniques that can be employed which give the empath substantial protection from being impacted by others’ energies and emotions.  For the sake of brevity I will not address them in this article, outside of a few suggestions in the articles I reference below.

Here’s a good list of traits that empaths often share.  If you have most of these traits, you’re probably an empath:

Here’s are a few helpful suggestions to help empaths better manage their ability.

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