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Consciousness in Business Leadership

Applied Consciousness Systems

“The people who truly excel, who find their way to happy and fulfilling lives, are the ones who have learned how to consistently function at high levels of consciousness.”~John Smotherman

Attractive business woman relaxing and smilingThere is a growing awareness of the importance of higher/expanded consciousness in business. The demands of the marketplace are beginning to change, as more and more consumers are reckoning community contribution into their performance expectations. The emergence of new stratifications of businesses and cultures, such as B Corporations, collaborative consumerism and conscious capitalism, are resulting from the hybridization of profit and non profit companies. The trend towards globalization is seismically shifting our perception of demographics, markets, competition and competitors. A growing need for a more sophisticated consciousness as a competitive advantage in business, is becoming more apparent in today’s economy as the race falls not always to the most efficient nor the most innovative. At an individual level, the importance of an elevated consciousness is becoming a more visible and sought after trait of leadership. It is also a key element in the ability of groups of individuals to perform together cooperatively and cohesively. For more information on consciousness in business and leadership settings, please follow this link to our sister site Applied Consciousness Systems.

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