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How to Put Our System to the Test 

We have worked hard to collect and distill some of the sagest advice on how to get the most out of life.  From that work, we have created simple, practical exercises that anyone can do.  These same exercises have helped many people drastically improve their experience of life.  (If you would like to see an overview of how the process works, please go to this link: An Overview of the Process). 

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If you would like to take an in depth and structured approach to improving your experience of life, please request a workbook using the form below.  We will email you a free PDF workbook that you can use in your journey.  Or, if you would prefer to first try out some basic simple exercises scroll down to the jump starters section below.

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Jump Starters

The following are some simple, easy to do exercises that can begin the process of observing how and how much simple actions can affect our moods and emotions.  They are an excellent place to start because they are easy to do, cost nothing, and can be applied immediately by anybody.  It is important to not just intellectually imagine doing them, but to actually do them and experience their effects.

They are listed in general order of increasing challenge/complexity for most people.  It is recommended that you try them in order, one at a time, so that you can learn more specifically which ones have the greatest impact on your mood/emotions.  Learning this kind of information about yourself can be very valuable as you progress.

Just as importantly, these exercises can help you begin sharpening your skill at being aware of your thoughts as you think them.  Our thoughts, energy and emotions are like seeds.  If we catch them right when they sprout they are easy to pick up and rearrange or weed out if we so desire.  But once they have grown into full blown trees (in mental terms- habits or beliefs) they can be very difficult to change.

Therefore the earlier in our thought process and the deeper within our subconscious we can be aware, the more power we have over what our minds and emotions do, and the less energy it requires to get to where we want.  As you do these exercises, pay particular attention to how they affect your mind and subtle energy.

1)  Take something small but regularly present in your life, and take the time each day to really enjoy and appreciate it.

2)  For two weeks, take 5 minutes a day to really think about and appreciate all the things you have that make your life better.

3)  Give at least one genuine complement each day for two weeks, complimenting a different person each time.

4)  For two weeks, intentionally make at least one person smile each day.

5)  Once a week write an email to a friend, telling them how important their friendship is to you.

6)  Find something good within some situation in your life that would otherwise be unpleasant, and focus on the good part.

7)  Refuse to judge other people, and instead view them through empathy and love.

8)  Carefully watch your thoughts and refuse to let yourself think negative thoughts.

9)  Once a month do three hours of charity work.