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My Quest Vision

My life purpose is to make a meaningful contribution to making the world a better place for everyone, by doing the most I can to raise consciousness.  My aspiration is for my work to significantly assist in bumping up the average level of global consciousness one level within 3 generations.



Values -The Big Three



Building A Better Future

Contributing to My Community

Helping Others



Values -The Supporting Five




1.  To make a significant contribution to raising consciousness, by selling 10,000 copies of The Consciousness Paradigm
2.  To start a movement that has over 100 committed leaders at the integral level
3.  To speak in 5 different countries on the subject of raising consciousness
4.  To be able to make $50,000 a year from speaking and workshops so I can work full time at raising consciousness
5.  To have over 1,000 people who identify as being part of the consciousness movement

Daily On -Track Tasks



1.  Make a to do list for each day
2.  Complete at least 80% of the things on my to do list each day
3.  Get good regular sleep
4.  Exercise 5 days a week
5.  Review my life goals at least once per week
6.  Meditate 15 minutes every day
7.  Write regularly in my journal